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Related article: Date : Wed, 4 August 18, 1999 51st 55 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Chuck u003cchucklez_1 yahoo. com u003e Subject: broken relationships This is Chapter 3 of people who have been waiting for the next chapter of over three weeks (sorry ). Regardless of comments and complains whenever greet with kisses and hugs ( Phew! !) In Chucklez_1 yahoo. com or my character s guestbook to my friends on the Internet at : www. Angelfire. ! com/on2/Chucklez / Reading ____________________________________________________________________________ Part 3 broken relationships : a beautiful night n the hot sun burned my face to wake in the morning on Saturday. A faint smell that belonged only to Leo filled the room... Leo! I turned around and Leo was sleeping. A little saliva dripping wet mouth went one of my pillow. I pushed his shoulders trying to wake him. " Leo,wake up! Is June 00 clock!" I moaned. continued to move the shoulders, until your eyes slightly open. It was still naked from the night before. His cock was in itselfmy -hard. With its appearance, is going to freak out. Her eyes widened when he saw the clock. " Oh, shit ! Parents you damned fool !" He stood up while using shorts and sleeveless shirt. She straightened her hair in the mirror after went to the window. Before we crawled through the window, he whispered, "I really had a good night, Jake, let us know if next time! Luv ya ! " N " I love you too ! Go Preteen Girl Models now before your parents kick your ass! " " Yes, yes I'll call you later... oh, and remember, a copy of the blonde ", he warned. "Do not worry, I remember gay! " " Well, girls change sometimes ! " " I'm more like in the gay section is not bi! " " What do anyway! Lates " He crawled out the window and got on his bicycle. I saw a time on his bicycle at full speed when I closed the window seal. Lucky n I have it! Well, no sense in the dream anyway. My mind it felt as if it is in hyper mode again. I tried a couple of shows in T. v. However, the clock exc, nothing was tooept for some lame cartoon shows that used to see. instead of mirrors for all shows in the t. v. I was on my computer and checked my e- mail. I never checked my email from last week! Slowly, very slowly, connection. took me a while to check my email. Half of the good news was on all and some insults from porn sites. The other half was crap too! It was love lyrics of the girls. What happened to old fashioned love letters in the closet? I played a little R u0026 mp3 music on my comp B to give some life in me. I have a long yawn lasted as long as my connection has to go on this site. The next thing I knew, I heard a faint click on my computer. Someone called Mist. The phone rang and I answered. " Hello ?!!!" "My God, I'm sorry I woke you ! I think I'll call you back, " It sounded like Philip, but was not sure why Philip never calls this time of day. ", Philip? " " This is my name! " "Sorry love, I was on the network. " ' s also feel ! So, why ' re you on the web at this point in time? " " Well, I woke upVery early, only to awaken and Leo... " " Oh... Leo is... no? "He whispered. Sounded as if it contained her tears. " No... actually did... "No, I did not say. I know he is sad or angry when I say, he came home at midnight, only to have sex with me. I ,"... continued and yesterday... accidentally... asleep! " Has this morning and " " okaaay ! Well, I told you about... us? " " not true! WAIT! That does not what you think! not that I fear, tell him I 'm afraid that might stick with the brake and hell s for you! I... I do not want to lose another best friend. lost ", \\ \\ n " Other... " " I... that.... " My heart ached a little, so to speak. But I wanted n know how I feel about it. I wanted to hang up and let but he muttered something. "Do not say, Jake, we're still best friends, we just had an argument that's all... well, maybe we just had this love between us we do wants to be mutually. But he has no influence on our friendship, no matter what it is really kill us. " " - And you really ? " I choked, while two balls of Tears streamed from my face s. " Yes.. " He murmured. " " sniff"... thanks... " Sniff " "You are a coward cries all the time," he said. They both laughed Try not what happened. We have completely changed the themes after. We returned to our usual chatter. How I missed, dass is only since last night called me and was talking about our usual stuff. After 20 minutes, my phone started ringing. " Oh, wait another person on the line. " I went to the other line. " Hello? " " Good morning, I can talk to Jake, please? " I was sure it was Leo, who is trying to , be polite, just to the ball to my parents. It has always done that. "I'm an idiot, you have to endure when I call ! " " Well, sorry, I just want to have an impression that they think I 'm is a good boy. " How will release the hold as well? " I went back to the first line. " I will call you back right? " " Yes, of course... Leo is not it? " Philip answered with one voice though. " Now... Yes, " " Then I'll be waiting for your call a few hours! Bye. "He hung up the phone Preteen Girl Models down. I do not know if he was annoyed, or simply by accident crashed. I went to another line and spoke with Leo. " Who was in the another line? "He said. " It was Philip. We talked about... things! " " Early in the morning? What's wrong ? Is he your lover or what? " I was freaking bad, I thought, heard about me and Philip. I tried find to say a word with him, did not fall ! So for me, is only joke. " A.... ha. has haha... "I've heard, I like to die or something! " What is it ? ! Now I have something wrong? " " Err.. no! Anyway, what's going on ? " "Not much! The parents never knew that I go ! Listen, umm... has future plans? " " Now... I have to go to church in the morning, but I think it is.... Why? " " Well, I thought... Maybe we should gor somewhere tomorrow if well with you. " " Do you mean a... date? " Sexy voice whispered. He made some strange noises briefly before saying yes. I would not go, because just about money n Clarrissa agreement, but I think that according to" their "idea of putting. Only then heard his mother in his pleading for the phone line. I said I had to go and gave a brief kiss "sound. was then in the morning until afternoon boredom. My body flat on my bed s television did not change. This is certainly a good way to kill time ! minutes seems marked by endless hours. my mind is trying to get something moving my body s to do, masturbate, is to play games, but none worked. Believe me, I 'm still a bitch in heat, but I think someone that masturbation makes shit boring! The phone rang again. " Hello? " " Well? Do not you want to pick me up ????" Shit, I totally forgot Clarrisa. I have an excuse that he was all set but I'm trying to find the keys. She was furious when linkingthe d phone. It will wait for me, I know they will. I took a quick shower and had my ​​regular clothes. Black baggy pants with something on top. I did not want too good! You could just look at me and then died a so-called ' girlfriend '. Hey, that's why I think it means that occurred in the third! I hastened to me, always drum on my clothes. Luckily have not hurt all my belongings. I rushed to his house that was about five blocks away from me. It was hot that day, so do not sweat a lot. When he opened the the door, they found that blue skinny jeans with tank cover up to pink. his big chest appear. The nipples of a curve at the top. She was not I also wore a bra. Coming down the steps of his porch, his in the chest beaten. I heard that breasts bounce it hurts ! Do you really want I wrong! " Are Preteen Girl Models you willing to go? " He asked with a sweet smile. I have a sexy smile again n and nodded. I swear, it almost disappears. He insisted inst Going to the moviesead, because it was a great day. No large gathering " dass was only 15 blocks anyway, and will forgive entries. go It feels like a breeze. We hear a lot of things n I was really interested in that boy. She talked about her exbfs who like dumped her and stuff. I bought the tickets and food, which cost me almost $ 40. We went to see the South Park movie. It was fun. Although sometimes when I see looking at me long and sometimes on purpose rubbed her legs against mine. The really surprising was holding the popcorn was in my lap and began to touch my lap as if she tried to get the popcorn again. I had n any erections furious. Why? I'm 100 % gay. Leo was right about it, it is a hot blonde bitch. I pretended I was too focused on n the movie. I glanced at the bored. I felt bad for it. I mean, I 'm just protecting her, my sincerity. I wrapped my is aeffective around, but not at me. He approached me and was based on my ​​side, ready for the movie. Since there was a curfew, we used the U- Bahn come home. I left his house and gave him a kiss on the cheek and left. Now, never knew my first date could be as easy with a girl! When I went home, my mother told me that people always called. Philip. I called a him, and began: "Hello?" N "You mad at me? " " No, why? " 'I asked. He said : "Due to hit the phone this morning," " ? Slammed do not know, what are you talking So how is your day " I told him everything that had happened. Friction, popcorn, , and skin tight clothes. " What kind of fucking hot, who ? " " Yeah, I'm gay! " " So what if you're gay? I do they know, experiment, sex best man or woman, " " you're not a hot bastard, right? "I cried. He shouted again : "No, I am as well as anyone not sucked me yet! " "Nobody What about your friend... umm that neve ?r me his name ! " " Dean? Yes, he wanted, but somehow I refused ! I wanted to absorbed by the right man ! "He laughed, but not me. " Umm... But you know you want me to suck, remember? But, as we to be late for school.. " He heard laughter murmured: " Preteen Girl Models Yes, I am a member. I guess was too hot that day. " " So... I can afford? "Made this amazing sound strange. " Jake! God, you are as a hot motherfucker ! " He exclaimed, laughing his head. " Look, I have to go! promised my parents I was going to wake up tomorrow and join them in this holy n the. Luv ya ! " " Yes, I love you. See you around bye ! " I said again. He hung up the phone careful this time. I looked at the clock, only 8:30. It is too early to , but too late to be outside to go. Turned on the TV with hope s no good shows to come. But then, someone knocked at the door. " JAKE ! Your friend is here! "My father cried. " Who? Thought, "I was down to see who it was. It's so damn gorgeous husband. Leo. My father returned to the room makes your day job. without thinking Second, Leo hugged me and we have locked in the kiss. removed from me. I was worrying a face as if injured or something. I touched his cheek and kissed Peck. N " Look what I have for you!" The exlaimed. It sounded more excited than me. pulled something from his pants. He held a small royal blue box with both hands. "Open up! " Said smiling. I carefully opened it and saw a silver chain, which formed an outline of the heart. And in the middle was a gold ring. " I saw while I was cruising in the city. I knew that as silver, because you said n I suck too much gold. " My eyes filled with tears, "Leo, it's beautiful ! I- I , you can not ! "n He took the ring and put it in the chain. He put the box in the pocket of his s. " This is whatI love !" 'I whispered. His hands were a put back on the chain. Our eyes looked at each other, while it is locked. "Damn!" He yiped. He had some problems with the connection of the ends. I laughed when asked I turn around. His hands tickling me again for some time while working in it. Then he kissed me gently on the neck to work on my hair. that whispered I love you like he smelled her hair. His hand around mine. " Let's go to your room!" He said. He took my hand quickly left him inside. He quickly closed the door and tip -toed up the stairs, so that no one Here we could. We immediately went to my room hugging and kissing others. He closed the door behind him, still kissing me. I left my the bed all the clothes. It has also thinned hastely, as he went from me. He then gave me a sexy smile suck my nipples erect two. then, his hot body slowly snaked my bottom of my body and began to sucking my hard cock. " uhhhhh ! " continued moaning, as her hand hit my tail. He slowly rhythm at first, but as you set your pace, and tightened his grip, I began to fuckof the hand. Suddenly, a flurry of runs jumped Preteen Girl Models out of my pole spiky hair falling to Leo and, above all in his hands. not expected come that one! I ended up laughing choke the word, "Sorry!" He licked from the semen from my hand and my limp dick. I muttered, crawling on me : "Can we do something new," " Like what? " I asked curiously. He tried to say, but every time I opened the mouth would close it. She finally had the courage to speak. " B- ass fuck ? " He whispered. These words gave me chills. He never liked everything is always on my ass. I tried it myself once the fingers, but he was as shit. But since I bought the gift did not tell me through the heart , no. " Y- Yeah, " Preteen Girl Models I said doubtfully. A broad smile filled his face as he kissed me. "I'd like to make sure they will. If it hurts a little, please tell me. I 'm going to stop. I do not want to hurt you. " I said in my hands and knees and put my ass in the face. I in my puppy in theBed and rested my head on my pillow. He began to lick my ​​ass like an ice cream on a stick. I felt really good. When Leo 's tongue swirled , was one of his fingers in my hole. " Uhhh ! " Leo stopped and " whispered," You want me to stop? ""No! "His fingers continued to fuck my ass slowly at first. Added, then a finger or another. " Uhhhh ! "It started to hurt, but urged him not to stop. Then I asked if baby oil. I opened the drawer next to my bed and Preteen Girl Models took a small Johnson baby oil. I gave it to him and started the application on your hard y member of my ass. "Are you ready? "I gave a quick nod. I felt his warm cock poking at my hole trying to get my head Then I felt very go slowly through great pain and ecstasy at the same time. Shortly little, put your stick in the ass. "Tight ! "The yiped. Finally, every inch of his tail was in me. He was not moving more and opened his mouth. I was sweating like crazy despite the fact that was damn cold at night. He started slowly fucking in the ass. the balls entered my ass every time he moved. All I felt was joy this time. Accelerate the pace began to make his drops of sweat on my back. will be a little slower, but it was even faster, the bed squeaked like crazy. but I do not care. " I 'm cumming !" He exclaimed in a whisper. hot cum dribbling out of my ass and thick smeared Leo as fast as I hump. He slowed down, and before he stopped, took a deep impulse down on the bed. His panting slow. " How do you feel ?" He asked, still panting. " It always feels like a blow job and shit in the same time! " laughed then stopped. Then something that only came to my mind. I am no longer a virgin ! Well, guess I'm not a virgin, because no know how this works for men and for men. Out of curiosity, I asked. " Leo, I 'm still a virgin ? " N "I do not think so, your cock to penetrate anything," he murmured. " So... you're not a virgin?, Right? " " Yeah.. who cares if you are a v? Madonna "said that sounds like it is angry. " My God, simply asking "spoke None of us later. But I realized that he fell asleep again. \\ \\ N her parents will kill him if he did not return home. But I did not to go to it. is very nice to sleep Leo as a good dog for the search. Bubbles o cum spitting out of his mouth. snores loudly, filled with his own fragrance of the room. What a pig!... but my pig, who quietly got out of bed was not awake and underwear. Sigh, better to call their parents... When I called home, was worried about his mother, so he said Leo n and said he is sleeping in my home Then, suddenly, she laughed and said: " okaay ! I leave two birdies... Just want to say "men" ! "So, hanged himself. Strange. Now what I did for love. Before I slept, I Leo covered with one of my blankets in case anyone is naked not sleeping with me. I can believe that he had seen, I have this collar was. said the serious relationship. Man, if he's really , then I tell him about me and Felipe. I would really good thing. I mean, I do not even think there is not even a real "relationship" between Philip and me. It was only a day and a half! But we have not been the amount of love between him and me. That scares me. spite of having Philip the courage enough to block our feelings, know that one day, , we hugged each other in our arms, no sex in my head, but only to love one another. Ohhh, Philip! I want it now! Why not just Felipe Lion and the same person ? I know there are a lot of mistakes in Philip, but I get is that he is even more has been almost an hour. I woke up the frequent movement and snoring Leo. And God, the heat! The weather man said it was likely to cool this evening. I do not think Leo mind though. I could feel his sweat worse than his whole body was almost me in on it. His legs, arms and the head of his s was in my body. Well, youast not snore. I went back to sleep. I woke up somewhere between 8-9 am. My body felt as ton of bricks had beaten me. I saw only a towel around Leo. " luv tomorrow. I hope you do not mind. I took a quick shower and used one of his towels," he said. I was able to say anything. What I to say? Then this strange thing that his mother told me, I knew. " Umm... Leo I called his parents last night, so they know you're here. The mom was so much fun! She told me something like" I'll let two ' birdies ' alone! "Was that the sense of that? " it was noted that he looked so cute. Concern had a smile on his face. " Promise me you will not mind ? " ", get angry, what? " " Well... I kind of told my mother about me as a gay and hanging out with you! " shit! In fact, his mother said. My eyes widened in horror. No way, that s not had the courage to do that. I said, " Why the hell have you done " " Now, now, there is no need to swear to solvethis. "I said softly. ", I said, because... as... if this relationship continues, she learned, n anyway. Whether it's me or the way they " act". But I told my father. I made ​​my mother promise not to tell him about me. It was not easy to say, my mother is. Preteen Girl Models I mean, I am the only child in the family! " Gee, I know exactly how you feel. I am the only child in the family. But this is not always too fast? Is what three days, and by the way No worries about the relationship, as we have a year. " slowly" I pleaded. down 'slow, what? I'm not talking too fast! " " No, I mean the relationship between us, which has been actin like we have n just before the wedding tomorrow or something! " " Do you? " He laughed. " Yeah, right! No, seriously, they must slow down !. " Then he gave me that look grave, said in an angry voice :"Oh, you want to break with me? " " It was not my intention. I mean, how should anyone tell us! We have n allto do that! " " Oh, why not just say so ? " He leaned over me and began to nibble my neck. He went immediately to withdraw his towel in which n me. He stopped nibbling the neck until I was breathless with laughter. The smell shampoo of hair and soap filled my nose. " S to stop! "Because I was moaning choked with laughter. He called slowly and then stopped a nibbling my ears. His hair was wet leaves small drops of water on the face of my s". Out! "I tried to roll over him, so he was able to top. But was too strong for me. Was sure nice to your stomach and chest muscles look flex and sustains me. I saw him on all fours , still in my nibbling ears. It was then my eyes caught something. quickly grabbed his semi -hard cock hanging down. the yiped surprise, I've done. I took his whole body hitting \\ \\ on the other side of the bed and climbed it. n tried to fight but I kept my weight down. "Man, you're good ! I did not know he had in you! "I said with a smile. IHe kissed her soft lips, red. Suddenly, my mother knocked on the door. We stopped and silent motion went down to clothing. " Jake, darling! Breakfast ready!" " Jake honey? " Leo began to laugh. I had my mouth before the stock market coverage laughter. I yelled, "OK, Mom!" We waited until I heard my mother, trace of the stairs down. " I think I will go out the window better way! " He kissed me goodbye. then reminded me, he is seen walking down the street. "You can not ! If you go this route, you can see my parents in the kitchen window!" Seal closed the window and sat in bed thinking. Then he has I said he only Preteen Girl Models nails in the house. Easier said than done. We tiptoed out of my room, down the stairs to the front door. " Thanks for a lovely evening Jake! Remember this day. 7 sharp. 'll Pick you up up," whispered ties his shoelaces. Come on, hurry, hurry ! Before up, walked my mother, who was in a business suit in the kitchen and wanted to go n , but enoughd look at me. I tried to hide behind Leo I , but there was a wall of mirrors, Leo rising again covered. " Oh no you... oh yeah, I never knew you had company!" She smiled. Uf, This is a sign of relief! was through me, to say there was no apology. "Well, good morning err.... " She looked at me and asked his name. I said. N "... Leo ! Like No can do? " " Well, Mrs. Summers! Good morning, you too," he murmured. What suck " Oh, please do not call me by my husband's name. It is Mrs. Helen! " I I could not believe I said that. She just said her name to people who n well known enough to be trusted. "Err.. yes, Mrs. Helen. Anyway, I'll be in my way! " N "You can not leave now! Not on an empty stomach !" She insisted. that hands and took him to the kitchen. I could not stop laughing at him. The three went into the kitchen and sat down. My father, as always, read the newspaper. " Morning Son" does not even say hello, my "friend". My mother gave me Leo shoulder andld him to greet my father. " Umm.... Good morning, Mr. Summers! " Leo greeted my father. " Oh, we have company ? Oh hello.... " " Sir Leo. Leo McKnight. " " Yes, Leo. Sorry, I was busy reading the news n. " Well, Leo, what you do with your toast, fried eggs, sausages want bacon and milk ? "Heard Leo was surprised to learn that too. My mother has never been so much food n o this type of food in the morning. She gave Leo a plate of toast, eggs n , sausage and bacon. " Well, I think that's all I need today! Thanks lady! "My mother told me o welcome and handed me a bowl of cornflakes Ooooh, they kissed with milk me out loud and said.. " Well, I do not want my child to be healthy. I to be like your friend Leo. Just to look at it. He has meat on all sides! " Leo and I could not stop laughing at my mother's comment. Never had another felt sick of it. He sat instead took a sip of coffee, while Leo n y I swallowed the larva. Our legs were tied between the vines as well as others. "So, you have a girlfriend now Leo? " Said my mother. " Yes, ma'am. I am very happy that " person "to find " Leo looked at me with for a wide smile. My face was red, and my heart is pumping like crazy. It was great to warm in the room. I looked back and smiled at Leo, while my mother gave us a look fun. " Well, Anyhoo. You have to find one for Jake. I mean, look at it! The cuteness n is to highlight and do not even Preteen Girl Models have yet! " " Well, he has one... "Leo smiled. He is so sweet to say that. "... His name is Clarrisa " My mouth fell open. " Leo, I can not believe you said that!" Leo could not stop laughing. My mother tried to , I wonder what kind of person they are, but I refused. Instead asked Leo. Leo said to detail everything that one on him. He talked and talked some of them true, some not. I have tried to silence him. But what's really was glad he said that. It almost felt like part of this family is that was lost for years. The kitchen was not full of laughter and voicesFortunately, since Christmas Eve. After chatting for about 40 minutes my ​​parents Leo and left, leaving me in the kitchen, cleaning the table alone. I do not care, Leo left, however, has to get home n in front of your mother is really angry. After taking a quick shower, and went of the church to pray a bit and meet some friends of mine recent abandonment. For about an hour or more, I stayed with them longer, but I realized that is time. It was five thirty clock. Time passed very fast today. I home, took a different, but in a long shower. Finding the right clothes lost a lot of my free time. As I've grown a lot in the last year he had thrown removed most of my Preteen Girl Models good clothes. I decided to use my dark blue vest a golf shirt with khakis. " Mmm.... not bad... " I thought. " But it lacks something! " I looked at my hair and not noticeable to my way of clothing. He brushed back and said some gel would remain so. There he is! It was a quarter to seven andLeo is not here yet. I killed my time on the phone with Philip. He was busy "kissing " with your friend. But he kept talking to me. It was found still loves me. I could hear laughter and Dean tries to kiss her, but Philip drove him away. Then someone knocked on the door. I hung up the phone ran to the door. Before I opened, I made ​​sure my keys, money. Then I looked in the mirror and check every dry skin. What the hell is wrong with me ? It's just a date. Our first day. I opened the door and looked at Leo with a red flower. He wore the same type pants he was wearing a wool sweater, but that was on the top. His spiky hair was also down and stroked. He gave me a quick kiss and gave me the flower. He laughed a little when I smelled his hands instead of the flower. " We released quickly, we have reservations about the new restaurant in town! " " Reserve... " He took my hand led me into a car. "Vamos! " Leo said the driver. " LeoYou can not even afford that! How did you do.... "I interrupted. " is my mother, uncle ! I was like planning to go to the movies and see something, but when he learned of the date, made ​​a reservation in this restaurant and ordered one of your private chauffeur to drive us there. You told me that the first date you should always cite "special" n do not worry, just stay in the restaurant half an hour or and then go to the movies and see someone with ' American Pie '! " " Cool! I want to see this movie so bad ! ! The main character so damn sweet ' n I looked at his bright black eyes, and then said, "Oh, now that is fall in love with him, eh ? Now this will change your mind! " n he leaned from his seat and gave him a kiss on my cheek kiss. The driver was a in us and gave us a look of disgust. He landed another kiss on the cheek, but closer to on my lips. my face burned with shame. " Jake is not here! Drivers to see! " I pleaded. I grabbed his left shoulder andcked me on my lips. the driver took another look disgusting. " Don" Preteen Girl Models ensure, Jake! He knows. My mother told ! "Leo says. I was a sign of relief and returned the kiss. For God knows how long French kiss like there's no tomorrow. The driver stopped rambling about as something that kicks me here or something. who cares ? homosexuality is not a problem. Now, for me, and Leo, that is. we kissed passionately, not carefully, we see. and believe me, we have seen a lot of people. our mouth is open tasting each of our media. our tongue gently crush each other. that broke the kiss for a while to take a deep breath and went back to kissing over again. " Uh- hemm We are here, Mr. McKnight ! " The driver said aloud. The kiss broke and gave us a kiss and another and another until the , the driver literally lost his head and growled as we go. Well, there s to drive well. We left the car and entered the restaurant. No Keep hands and shows nothing hA s already knew that a train can carry a us humility too. Leo asked the old man at the counter to the reserved seats. I must say that dealing with young people here are very disrespectful. The man asked if he was sure Leo Leo McKnight many times exposed to Leo one of their student ID cards. The old quickly welcomed us very happy, nothing s even happened, and showed us to our seats. My heart was beating very if the board had two red candles lit, and two violinists played the love songs as we sit. I never expected so much of Leo. A smile was stuck in my face, until the waiter told me the menu. Gack ! Almost every type of food, which was carried out, costs more than fifty dollars a plate. In addition, drinks as the cost of ten dollars a glass. Hell, could go to the shop next door and buy just Preteen Girl Models one can of soda and a burger for only two dollars. I try to eat something there that cost much less than it's worth finding. " Leo, we can not do it! " " bars, what?" 'I asked. I gave him an odd look. "Prices to You certainly can not afford it! " "Who says I'm paying for it? My mother is the principal administrator of this new place the way, I can click here and eat when they want, "said Leo. What a rich man. My stomach growled with hunger. I have not even eaten nothing but a bowl of cereal mother has given me. I ordered the grilled chicken, for a hamburger and french fries. What is prescribed for a person who is not rich. while zuchhini Leo ordered a sandwich with butter on top. Yuck ! There were a lot of people who were spied on. That is, two young men sitting in nice clothes turned into a table for two, with two candles and two violinists, a love songs. I knew that these people are the gaydar beep. I tried not to make homo more things. But if I could always look brown eyes looked at me Leo, which is not folded to avoid on the table and gave him a kiss on the lips. then, he keep your head with your hands, and began to kiss again until waitress gave us our main course. We leave thedamn start. The giggle girls, as she told us that we are a good place to n to the people. We looked around and saw a lot of people, and I mean long, s looking at us, smiling, laughing, but especially women around. Do not talk much as we ate. I wanted, but my mouth was so full that it was disgraceful n to open his mouth. This was the first time I saw Leo eat with proper table manners. The handkerchief in her lap, his elbows on the table, with the right tools, chew with your mouth shut,everything! I could not help laughing, but the way he looks. It looks like one of those rich people that has a face was expressionless. " Wuz so funny?" He asked suspiciously. " Well, take a look, you behave like a rich old man ! " " Well, will Preteen Girl Models you do ?" He touched his fork and knife n in your hands on the plate, a rhythmic beat. " Goo, Goo, Gah, Gah ! " eat with your mouth open. Then he took a little water, and it was he flowing down his chinThe mouth. My stomach hurt from laughter. He held the makes baby sounds, until I told him to shut up. The two violinists also laughing my head and screaming for his violas. Most of the people very happy with our scenes and tried to call the waiter to stop us. But Leo said I can not because he was the son of the director. acting crazy, until she was eight. The driver came to our headquarters and asked if we had finished eating. Leo took my hand and said they were ready. We left the restaurant holding hands and the driver took us to one of the largest theaters in the city. We have seen... Well, not really see perhaps took a look and listen to "American Pie". We were so obsessed with each other that we were locked kisses. We were very back, where there are no people. even u another, I groaned, as Leo put his hands on my pants down to my hard ons. I licked and sucked her neck. His cologne smells good. I I think it was Ralph 'sAcids or CK Be. His hands moved up and down faster and is faster, until cummed in my boxers. I'm moaning softly on the neck. I turn. He put his hands under her pants and touched his hot cock. that s very hard and it hurts my wrist every time I was kidnapped. It was not until cummed in his pants and into my hands. Slowly I removed hands and licked the cum from my hand. We looked at each other time and saw the movie. Not even eat popcorn and all Leo bought sweets. At the same time we have seen on the screen at the same time the credits of the film appeared. Great. The lights came on again and we immediately. We saw the smoke and the driver is expected of us to leave. It s us to the car and walk away quickly, send me to my seat. Leo and I went out and walked toward the front of my door. " Thanks to Leo for the night. And I really thank you very much !" I was smiling. I waited for Leo to say, because I had nothing else to say. " Well, we seetomorrow okay? "He said. What ? Not stay in my house y sex all night? " Well, you could be at home for a while to stay. Parents not at home up to n ON? " " I would, but my parents are very strict about school and things like I have to sleep and at home ! "He explained. " Okay, see you tomorrow at school ? " " Sure, luv night, "he said. Before leaving, he gave a long hug and a kiss me on the lips. I went home and quickly went to my room. n was in my bed and stared at the appointment happen again. that was fun! if you do not always above that. I slept that night in my bed with my up clothes. n \\ \\ n I woke up at 7:30, my first few days of practice. my body felt so much energy and so light. s that I realized lI awoke at 7:30, my first few days of practice. my body felt so energy and the light well. I knew from the date of the last night. skipped breakfast and took one of my fastest shower. As usual, mom gave me a bowl No cereal and lunch. I wanted my mother saysBad last night, but I'm still thinking straight. I just got my mouth, let alone with it which was unusual because it never seems to stop my mouth, if yacking is round. While eating my cereal, someone knocked at the door. that tried to get up and the door, but insisted on opening. I knew that is Leo. Well, that 's what my instincts told me. I quickly ran to the door and opened it. Huh? I suppose you crazy about Leo. It was Philip. " Hello Philip, what are you doing here ? " "I'm here to pick you up ! " It gave me a strange look. " Yes, but not recovered from her boyfriend? " " No, he always goes in the morning so you can study and study! " Philip declared. "What an idiot Well, okay. I'll put in my pocket and Preteen Girl Models everything. " I let him, and have come to the kitchen, but he refused and waiting in the lawns. It seems I'm wrong. I quickly grabbed my backpack and wearing shoes. I went out and walked to Philip now bears his new hat CAP. I hated distance. Did you know tha all clothing or equipment to sell to us came from the third world country? " You know, things of GAP were from poor countries," he said. " Yeah so? " Was to find a match carelessly. " Oh, never mind. Guess what ?" I said, surprisingly. I said to Philip about the date with Leo last night. Every detail and copying the movies. He was so surprised. that did not know that Leo, who was rich. I think it is good. I did not want ACT UP strange or anything. When we go to school, one of the guys in the " tigers " of the clan, which was one of the bands that are always on the other the band came up to me and put his arm around me. " Hey look! Is Jake! " He called his gang members. " Hey, you're the guy who did Clarrissa ! " One of the co said aloud. Are you kidding or what? "What are you talking about? Never have done with it, I just took the movie " " Oh, pleaz ! He told me all the details just about damn whathappened that night ! " Say All Clarrissa, or if there was Clarissa, he said. I thrust his arms and went to school with Philip. " My God what the hell was that? "Felipe demand. " Something stupid joke ! " " Do not worry, I believe you ! I always do. K do in the gym ? " That stairs to the library to be n with his friend Dean, while I was Leo is loose. When I walked down the hallway, leaning against his locker with his Walkman Leo in. I quickly picked up his pace and approached him. " Hey, lists, Leo! You have... " " Fuck you ! " He growled, my middle finger. He left his locker, and ran to his first period class... _____________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for reading... " all "history took a while but not like s long as the second Here are suggestions and complaints ( or suggestions) is always welcome : Chucklez_1 yahoo com josephdbowen yahoo com.
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